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Praying with Faustina

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Deeping your prayer life with the “apostle of Divine Mercy”


Deeping your prayer life with the “apostle of Divine Mercy”, St. Faustina Praying with Faustina presents both the life and the spirituality of this twentieth-century Polish nun, whose message of Christ and his unending mercy has spread throughout the world. At the core of Faustina’s spirituality was her deepening awareness of Christ’s invitation to dwell in his merciful love, an invitation that extends to all of us. In fifteen meditations, author Eileen Dunn Bertanzetti shows that despite the many obstacles St. Faustina faced in spreading the divine mercy message, she always trusted in God’s love and mercy, and she encourages us to do the same. Each meditation features: * An opening and closing prayer; * Biographical details that exemplify Faustina’s spirituality; * Quotations from Faustina’s diary; * A short reflection on the theme of the meditation; * Suggestions for prayer

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